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Basic Hair Care

Here is a list of things you must keep in mind while meddling with your hair as it is very important to keep the hair nourished and properly groomed for better hair prospects:

  1. Only straighten and curl dry hair: You should never straighten or curl your hair when they are wet or even damp as this can rupture your hair and leave them weakened. You should always wait for your hair to dry, either naturally or you can use a blow dryer before using heat-based styling equipment on your hair. The heat has less consequences on dry hair as compared to wet hair.
  2. Give your hair strands a break from the ponytail: Ponytail is by far the most convenient hairstyle to pull off, however it might not be the best to carry all the time. When you constantly pull your hair in a ponytail, they tend to unnecessarily strain your locks and this can damage the roots. You should try wearing your hair down also, preferably open or if not even then in a loose ponytail without pulling the hair strands. You should also try and use softer hair ties that don’t pinch and further break the hair.
  3. Lock in your hair with a hairspray: After styling your hair, make sure you apply a coat of hairspray to avoid the damage to the styling done. Wear a thick coated hair spray the hair styling stays protected and makes it last longer, look beautiful and also stay healthy.
  4. Exfoliate your scalp: Scalp is also an extension of skin only and to keep your skin clean and healthy it is necessary to periodically exfoliate your skin. The same goes for the scalp too. Scalp needs regular exfoliation more because there is a regular build up of oils and dead skin cells on the scalp and to get rid of all that, you need to exfoliate your scalp regularly.