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Follicular Unit Transplant method of hair transplant

Hair transplant is a simple procedure whereby medical professionals take hair from an area where there is abundant hair and puts them in an area where there are no hair or the hair has no strength. Mostly the hair taken for the hair transplant is taken from the back of your head but in some cases it can also be taken from other parts of your body. Since it is a medical procedure, before starting with the transplant the surgeon sterilizes the area with hair from where it will be taken out and in the process numbs the area with the help of a local anaesthesia to avoid any pain caused in the process of removal of hair since the hair is uprooted and can be extremely painful for a large number of people. If you wish, you can also request the professional for sedation to ensure that you stay asleep during the entire procedure to avoid remembrance and any pain that the procedure might cause to you. In the follicular unit transplant method, post sterilization and numbing, the surgeon firstly removes a piece of your scalp with the help of a scalpel which is usually from the back of your head of about 6 to 10 inches, but in some cases the strip may be long enough to cover the hair from your ear to ear. After this they close the area which had been opened to remove the hair with the help of stitches. The scalp strip is separated into smaller pieces and these fragments into which the strip is separated are called grafts. Now, using a needle the surgeon makes small holes in the area where the hair needs to be transplanted and starts inserting hair in the holes from the grafts. This process of inserting hair is known are grafting.