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Ways to keep your hair healthy

It is important to keep your hair healthy but for that you have to take a few steps on a daily basis. Here is a list of a few hair care tips that can help you keep your hair healthy and make them look attractive:


  1. Be extra thorough with rinsing: After a shampoo or conditioner, make sure that you have rinsed your hair enough to not leave any residue of the product left on the hair as it can be very harmful to the hair.
  2. Don’t dry off using a towel: A towel is the most common means to dry your hair, however it isn’t the best and can cause damage to your hair. The best way to dry your hair is to squeeze out the water and then pat dry your hair with a cotton T-shirt to avoid the loss of hair or damage to the hair due to the rigorous drying by a towel.
  3. Protect your hair before heat styling: Hair styling always makes your hair look amazing, but excessive styling can have negative impacts on your hair. You don’t have to part with your styling tools, you just need to take some precautions while styling your hair. Before applying heat on your hair, make sure you apply a layer of a protective coat on your hair as this will reduce the damage caused by the heat on the hair. Even after using the appliance, you must oil your hair thoroughly as the heat leaves the hair very dry.
  4. Blow dry your hair with a brush: When you are blow drying you hair, make sure you brush it in the same direction to avoid tangling of hair and also reduce the frizz that the blow dried hair would hair. Also make sure that you are blow drying your hair from roots to ends and not vice versa to reduce the frizz.