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Ways for basic hair care

All of us aim for perfect hair, but in order to attain those perfect, damage free hair, it is very important to take good care of our hair and make sure that our hair remain healthy at all points of time.

Here is a list of instructions that should be followed to maintain basic hair hygiene and care:

Protect your hair from the UV rays: Ultraviolet radiations from the Sun can be extremely harmful for hair growth and can damage the hair to a large extent. These rays can suck out the moisture from the hair leaving the hair in a dry and brittle state making them prone to more damage. To avoid contact with the UV rays, when going out during the day time in bright sunlight, make sure you cover your head with hair accessories like a hat or a scarf. This gives you two-fold benefits in terms of protecting your head from the heat and also protecting your hair from the UV rays.


Trim your split ends: Split ends are the first signs of dead hair. When you have a lot of split ends, it means that there is accumulation of dead hair strands. You should get the spilt ends trimmed as these dead strands restrict further growth of the hair and also weaken the strand upwards towards the root. Thus, you should get a trim as soon as you start noticing split ends.



Keep your hair hydrated: Hydrated strands are healthy and happy hair strands. To keep your hair hydrated, you can use something like an all-day hair cream that aims to nourish your hair strands throughout the day, when it is applied on the strands. You should always apply such a cream on damp hair, start from the roots and work your way up the lengths. This will keep your hair nourished and shiny.